I began my journey as an artist at an early age, and was privileged to be apprenticed to Pat Witt at the Barn Studio of Art. There, I learned a love of painting and drawing, and was exposed to the teaching of many great artists and instructors from the Museum School and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

I attended workshops with the instructors from the Academy and assisted teaching at the Barn Studio and The Museum School throughout my ten year apprenticeship. This apprenticeship developed my teaching ability and an acute awareness of the need to pass on the knowledge of these gifted artists.

The Workshops I attended with Henry Hensche, at the Cape School of Art and when he graciously taught as a guest instructor to the Barn were pivotal in my
development. These workshops helped solidify my color sense and an "Impressionist" eye for light. I went on to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and drawing. At the Academy, my teachers, Morris Blackburn, Oliver Grimley and Louis Sloan were huge influences.

I live in the scenic foothills of the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. I have taught privately in many venues for over thirty years in the classical methods passed down to me by my teachers.
As iron sharpens iron, I have found that teaching others strengthens my own work. I look forward to continued adventures in following my muse where she leads. 

                                                                                                                                             Elena Shackleton